Schools Programme

Schools Programme

We always aim to build a deep understanding of the mental health and well-being challenges affecting teenagers in Co. Clare. We explore how we can authentically connect with young people in compassionate ways that are supportive, practical and innovative.

Our objective is to educate young people by using experts, programmes and events we fund to generate greater wellness, mental health and personal empowerment in sustainable ways.  Since our launch in 2017 we have supported just over 5,100 young people in Co. Clare through all of the initiatives we have funded.  

We also encourage young people to reach out for help if and when they need it. We are hugely passionate about funding the best experts in the field to support our young people.

in secondary schools throughout Co. Clare

The Elevate Fund Currently Funds Four Key Offerings


Mindfulness programme which is delivered by Ms. Monica Coady and consists of a six-week evidence based in-depth course which is based on the .b mindfulness programme.


Well-being workshops with a focus on strengthening emotional well-being, awareness, self-belief and resilience delivered by The Soar Foundation.


Working Things Out – Evidence based preventative workshop using cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) principles focusing on promoting positive mental health, delivered by Clarecare Springboard Family Support.


Inspirational speakers sharing their personal stories of how they overcame great challenges and went on to achieve great things in life, encouraging young people to blaze their own trails in life and to follow their dreams.

To find out more about any of these offerings click on the links below.  If you are a Principal or teacher based in a secondary school in Co. Clare and think any of the above four offerings would be of benefit to the students in your school we would be hugely honoured to 100% fully fund these options so that your school doesn’t incur any cost whatsoever.

To make this happen please email and she will link you up with the relevant provider to kickstart the process.

If you are a student, let your teacher know and together we can start the conversation.

Elevate is also involved in funding other youth projects and events in Co. Clare. We have funded counselling services, trips to adventure centres, social media campaigns to support exam year students and the annual YouthFest well-being festival over two consecutive years, plus much, much more. Read all about some of these additional projects here.

Another key objective for the year ahead is to campaign for a Jigsaw unit in Clare.  We are passionate about what we do and want to make an ever greater contribution going forward.

This is a series of 5 videos – our Exam Elevation campaign – in partnership with Pat Divilly which we created to support all young people doing the Junior or Leaving Certificate exams. It is to support students to prioritise self-care, well-being, emotional wellness, good study practices and the ultimate top tips and tools from Pat’s expertise to help get students in the best shape possible in the lead up to exams.

We know that exams can be a very tough time for young people and wanted to do something to support as best we can. There are ways we can take brilliant care of ourselves mentally, emotionally and physically as well as utilising innovative study tips to help get us through the exam period. We hope our campaign will help! Please feel free to share this content with anyone you know going through exams.

Our mindfulness workshop is being delivered by Ms. Monica Coady and consists of a six-week course based on the .b mindfulness programme.  Elevate has made this course available to all first year students in secondary schools and also to Youthreach centres.  These workshops provide a brief introduction to mindfulness and offer activities that focus on developing both formal and informal practices, such as short meditations and experiences of objects in the environment.  The course intends to equip participants with skills to enable mindful practice at any given time in the future.  These skills can help young people perceive situations positively and to respond wisely to stressful events instead of reacting to them.

For more information on the .b mindfulness programme go to

To book a six-week course please email

Soar is a registered charity, co-founded by former Clare Hurler, Tony Griffin that delivers early-intervention, preventative wellness workshops for young people, delivered by highly trained and passionate facilitators.

Soar programs aim to support and inspire young people to experience one or more of the following outcomes:

  • Increased emotional well-being
  • Strengthened resilience
  • Improved levels of self-confidence, awareness and self-belief
  • Recognition of their own unique strengths
  • An increased awareness of how to express their feelings
  • Enhanced emotional and social skills
  • A greater awareness of what other young people are going through

Their Child Protection Policy guides their approach in safeguarding young people.  You can read more about it here.

WHO:  Transition  Year
WHAT:  Wellness Workshop

Soar’s TY workshop encourages young people to see value in their individuality, to think about setting goals, step out of their comfort zone and realise their full potential.

Open discussions are supported within a safe environment to increase self-confidence, responsiveness and self-belief.

WHO:  3rd  Years
WHAT: Boy’s Workshop

Vice is an experiential workshop available to 3rd Year boys that dismantles stereotypes.

It starts conversation so that each boy can rewrite the rules on what it means to be a man.

This leads to the building of healthy traits that strengthen resilience.

WHO: 5th  Years
WHAT: Girl’s Workshop

Stripped is a workshop that strips back societal expectations, judgments and barriers and empowers young women to explore their own self-worth.

It creates a space in which girls can explore themselves wholly, without judgement and develop their self-confidence and emotional well-being.

For more information on Soar go to

To book a SOAR Workshop please email or phone: +353 83 846 7770

Elevate is collaborating with the Clarecare Family Support Service in delivering the Working Things Out workshop to participating second year students and Youthreach centres.  This is an evidence-based workshop based on cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) principles that was developed by the Parents Plus organisation in CAMHS, in the Mater Hospital in Dublin.

It is a preventative workshop aiming to promote positive mental health and teach coping skills to overcome specific problems that young people encounter in their daily lives.

An interactive DVD focusing on the experience of young people who have managed difficult problems in their lives such as bullying, anger related issues, anxiety, feeling down and developing positing relationships with parents is also shown within the workshop.  Mental health issues that are commonly experienced by young people are discussed and means of accessing support are provided.

Both Sinead Corbett and Michelle Reilly are qualified Social Care Workers who work as part of the Clarecare Family Support Team and are the Facilitators of the Working Things Out Program. They can be contacted on 086 770 0398 or 086 345 8525.

For more information go to

Elevate has two inspirational speakers for the current academic year, extreme adventurer, Damian Browne and mental health advocate, Cillian Keane.

Damian Browne

Damian Browne is an extreme adventurer. Damian is a very sought-after speaker at prestigious conferences nationwide due to his feats of human endurance.  We are very inspired by his story and believe that he will inspire students by giving them insights into his mental resilience and how to overcome set backs.  

Damian is a former professional rugby player, traveler and adventurer hailing from Galway, Ireland. Last year, he solo rowed the Atlantic, receiving national recognition for his honest and personal videos, where he laid bare his thoughts and weaknesses, and which went Viral.

For more information on Damian please visit his website HERE:

About Damian’s Talk

Damian is a suitable speaker to motivate and inspire exam year students who are facing in to their own challenge.

For more details or to book Damian’s talk please phone +353 (0)65 707 9000 or email

We recommended this element of the programme to be delivered to exam year students. We suggested a 40-minute session followed by a 10 minute Q&A.

Cillian Keane

Cillian Keane is a mental health advocate. At aged nineteen he was diagnosed with a mental illness called Bipolar Disorder.  Also known as manic-depressive illness, this disorder causes unusual shifts in mood, energy, activity levels, and the ability to carry out day-to-day tasks.

At the time of his diagnosis he had just begun his first year at University.  He found himself partaking in a common culture of late adolescence and young adulthood, where binge drinking in social settings was happening on a very regular basis.  The peer pressure to participate made it very difficult to put on the brakes and his alcohol consumption during those first few months began to pose a significant challenge for Cillian and one in which he has now accredited as having a profound effect on him.

He began cycling between manic periods and depressive periods where he would become socially withdrawn and self-conscious.  He reported weight gain and feelings of isolation.

After some time Cillian sought the help he needed and spent one month in the psychiatric unit.  This saw the start of his road to recovery.  He has travelled a long journey of setbacks since then with several more periods spent in hospital.

His message is that no matter what struggles you go through, you can still live a very happy and productive life. Cillian believes that your mental health is an essential part of your overall wellbeing – being comfortable, healthy and happy. His story is one to be heard.

About Cillian’s Talk

For more details please phone +353 (0)65 707 9000 or email

We recommended this element of the programme to be delivered to exam year students, 3rd years and 6th years.  We suggested a 40-minute session followed by a 10 minute Q&A.