Social Media Policy

Social Media Policy

Social Media is a vital component of community engagement and fundraising for Elevate.  It is used as an online notice board to regularly update the community with relevant information and important notices regarding the foundation.


The Elevate foundation now has two social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram.  These platforms are an excellent means for us to network and to share information.

By having such platforms, the foundation is feeding information, news and notices directly into the personal news feed of the local and wider community.

Our Social Media Guidelines

  • The Elevate foundation encourages the responsible use of social media.
  • Elevate does not permit tagging of vulnerable adults or anyone under the age of 18.
  • Care is taken in the selection of the images posted in order to assure that all photos and videos are appropriate and respectful.
  • Postings are monitored regularly. Posts that do not abide by site policy or individual standards will be removed.

We do appreciate that as with all social media, there are some risks involved and we want to reassure parents and the local community that we have the best interest of the student’s attending the various elements of our programme, at heart.


  • To publicise upcoming Elevate events, and increase awareness about fundraising.
  • To announce any updated information that appears on our website via Facebook and Instagram.
  • To highlight positive achievements in a forum where the local community can share them.
  • To make Elevate announcements (e.g. Proceeds from recent raffles).
  • To use Facebook and Instagram as a means of marketing the foundation to a wider audience.
  • To facilitate communication and networking opportunities.
  • To increase awareness and understanding of the work of the foundation with the general public so as to ensure more people know about the services provided by Elevate in the area and to increase volunteering and fundraising support for the foundation locally.


We will be using Facebook as a ‘broadcast’ account only.  It will be a one-way communication from the foundation to the community, an information portal if you like.

It is important to be aware of services available on a public Facebook page. Here are the things that anyone in the world can do if they like a Facebook page.

  1. They can comment on a post.

While 99.9% of the time, comments will be positive, there is a risk of someone being negative towards the foundation or saying inappropriate things on our page.

  1. They can post to our wall.

Again, this has the same risks as commenting. However, some people can be tempted to use our wall as a free advertising board.  We have changed the setting on this, which means our panel of administrators and editors from the management and operations team must approve this post before it is published.

Also please note that if a person comments or replies to our Facebook page this message is visible by everyone.

  1. Photos can be tagged.

This has obvious child protection concerns.

Rest assured that our designated page administrators and editors will not hesitate to delete any comments or posts they deem inappropriate, and tags (i.e. a student being identified) will be removed.

Terms of Use of the Elevate Foundation’s Facebook page

  • Users cannot advertise products or services on our Facebook page.
  • Users should not post anything on the page that could be deemed as offensive – inappropriate or harmful comments/content will be removed immediately.
  • Users should not engage in giving negative feedback on Facebook, it is more appropriate to deal with the foundation directly on such matters.
  • Users will not mention individual people associated with the foundation in a negative light on our Facebook page.
  • Users should not ask to become ‘friends’ with the operations and management team as failure to respond may cause offence.
  • Users cannot tag or post photographs of students on the page.
  • Users should not add comments that can identify students.


In recent years, Instagram has been one of the fastest growing and highly engaged social media platforms.  As a not-for-profit foundation, Elevate can leverage Instagram to share it’s mission, advocate for support, solicit donations, and show impact using one of the most visceral and powerful mediums possible: visual media.

Similarly to our Facebook policies, comments that are deemed as offensive, inappropriate or harmful will be removed immediately.

Let’s Get Social 

Instagram handle @elevatefoundation

Facebook page URL

You are welcome to share/retweet any posts on either of our social media accounts to your personal profile and to also invite others to like/follow us.