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Elevate the Conversation took place on Saturday, October 21st in Glór, Ennis.

Glór is renowned as a centre of excellence for audiences and the community provided the perfect venue for this fundraising event.  The evening saw John Burke join award winning journalist and broadcaster John Cooke to chat about his 2017 Everest ascent.

A seated audience learned of the epic journey completed by John who travelled to Nepal as part of a group of six from Co. Clare on April 4th last.  The team took 9 days to reach Everest Base Camp before John set off on the next phase of the ascent.

For many of us Mount Everest takes on a kind of mythical quality, destined to remain in the realms of our imaginations. But for this bold traveller, mere dreams of the mountain would not suffice and he set himself on a course to climb the world’s highest peak.

The evening was a huge success with a full house in Glór.  A huge thank you to all who attended and contributed to the event which was held in aid of Elevate.

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